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Vintage ‘Fjøskrakk’ Three-Legged Stool by Rangvald Krogenaes for Krogenäs Møbler, 1964

This authentic ‘Fjøskrakk’ (milking stool) is a prime example of mid-century Scandinavian design, crafted in 1964 by renowned Norwegian furniture maker Rangvald Krogenæs for his company Krogenæs Møbler. Model number 522, this three-legged stool is expertly constructed from natural pine wood showcasing the clean lines and functional aesthetics characteristic of Nordic design. Originally inspired by traditional milking stools used in Norwegian farms, the ‘Fjøskrakk’ was designed for use in rustic cabins, often placed near fireplaces. It’s three-legged structure ensures stability on uneven surfaces, a practical feature inherited from its agricultural roots. This versatile piece seamlessly blends form and function, making it an ideal addition to modern interiors as a side table, extra seating, or distinctive accent piece. Each stool bears the marks of its era, with a patina that tells the story of its journey through time. The ‘Fjøskrakk’ stool represents not just a piece of furniture, but a slice of Norwegian cultural heritage, embodying the ingenuity and craftsmanship of mid-20th century Scandinavian design. Impressed manufacturer’s mark to underside [Krogenäs Møbler].

Designed by Rangvald Krogenaes, 1964

Made by Krogenäs Møbler, 1960's

Origin: Norway

Materials: Pine, Wood

Colors: Brown

Dimensions: 19"W 13"D 14"H

$8,500 $6,800

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