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Angello Lelli

Desk Lamp

A versatile lighting device incorporating two light sources; one concealed at the top of its upright, coral colored column set within a swiveling metal cup beneath a brushed metal shade emitting indirect, reflected light within a metal cup which pivots in any direction and reflects against the white enamel interior of the metal shade. The second is an ingenious brushed metal ancillary light of lower wattage which sits flush within the column with the ability to unfold perpendicularly from the column via a semi-concealed knuckle joint. The second source can be used to illuminate objects or the surface area in close proximity to the lamp. This unique, flush to swiveling ancillary light source, is the hallmark of a series of lighting devices designed by Lelli and manufactured by Arredoluce c.1964. The overall design reflects the change in Italian lighting away from the organic, biomorphic shapes of the 1950s to the more architecturally inspired asymmetry of the 1960s. The first, reflective light source, accepts any standard Edison socket lamp bulb.

Year: 1960s

Origin: Italy

Materials: Metal

Dimensions: 22.5"H 14"Dia


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