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Pair of Dansk 'Silver Onion' by Jens H. Quistgaard for Dansk Designs, c.1960

Described in Dansk literature as the ‘Silver Onion’, this stout and fanciful little Dansk candleholder designed c.1960 by Jens Quistgaard has substantial heft despite its diminutive size. Composed of a solid mass of brass, silver-plated over its entirety, its bulbous body tapers upward to a thin, .25” neck opening which accepts Danish ’Tiny Taper’ candles. Its bottom is uniquely angled and counter-balanced allowing it to sit at about a 15 degree tilt if so desired creating an interesting diversity in aesthetic groupings. Sold in pairs or multiples, this congenial little companion loves to be assembled with others of its ilk to form interesting tablescapes showing Quistgaard’s fascination with the Japanese aesthetic of ‘Kawaii’ or whimsically cute. Signed on its bottom ‘Dansk Designs - France - IHQ - © ‘ it stands 2.4” high when positioned straight up x 1.4” at its widest circumference.

Designed by Jens H. Quistgaard, c.1960

Made by Dansk Designs, 1970s

Origin: France

Materials: Metal

Dimensions: 1.4"W 2.4"H


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