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Vibrant Martin Luther King Jr. Graphic Art by Peter Gee, 1968

Original silk screen handmade print on paper. Seven foundational values—Freedom, Equality, Righteousness, Tranquility, Independence, Brotherhood, and Civil Rights—are each printed four times in pink, blue, black, and gold. Half appear over a white background and half over neon yellow. Created shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. at age 39. The vibrancy of the work coveys grief at the loss of Dr. King. and in bold text, his truths are memorialized. British graphic artist Peter Gee’s experimentation with color here is unique, the original typefaces printed in the same colors appear as different hues when backed in yellow versus white. The persistence of both color and text through alternate backgrounds suggests a similar resoluteness of freedom and equality through varying perceptions. Signed by the artist and numbered 54 from a limited original edition of 68.

Designed by Peter Gee, 1968

Made by Peter Gee, 1968

Origin: USA/England

Dimensions: 25"W 1.5"D 31"H


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