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Lanterne Electrique

Lighting device consisting of a spherical metal housing with nickel banding set in a non-swiveling metal harp with a patented Bausch & Lomb wave/ripple pattern glass lens which shields and diffuses the light source enclosed within its housing. The structure of the lamp retains its original green enamel paint and is set in a custom block of heavy, machined steel providing more than adequate stability. The housing bears a metal tag stating 'Lanterne Electrique' Model No.51 as well as the manufacturers name. The lens has 'Bausch + Lomb Optical Co Rochester NY Patented' molded in to the glass. Lamping is accomplished with a single standard Edison socket. Presently not suitable for exterior use.

Year: c.1920

Origin: New York

Dimensions: 6"W 11.5"D 20.3"H


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