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Table Top Sculpture by John Steck

From Steck’s 'Desert Flower’ series, this table top sculpture exhibits, per an America House advertisement in Craft Horizons January/February 1965 (which illustrates this sculpture), “sizzle blooms of burnished copper on long-stemmed bronze and a fantasia of (brown-copper) foliage”. A popular model available in two heights, 18 and 26 inches, this example is the larger of the two being taller and having four stems rather than three. The Desert Flower is set on a light colored rugged, irregularly shaped stone base. This larger version sculpture retailed at $60-$75 in the mid-1960s. Decidedly John Steck's work but unsigned.

Designed by John Steck, Year Unknown

Made by John Steck, 1960s

Origin: USA

Materials: Metal, Stone

Dimensions: 11.5"W 14"D 28.5"H


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