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Blacksmithing Anvil and Tool Assemblage for Blacksmith, 1900's

A fine assemblage as found of a blacksmith or metal worker's anvil and related tools. Here, singularly common applied art objects transition when viewed collectively to forge a unique piece of fine art simultaneously making the statement that the arts are fluid and cannot be narrowly confined to one static medium. Of note on the creation of this artwork is the manner in which the anvil is securely affixed to the stand. A length of thick, round iron rod is bolted to one side of the stand then woven as if a plastic material curving up and around the base of the anvil then down the opposite side in a diagonal direction and bolted to the stand at mid-section. A second strand of iron echoes the first crossing over the initial strand creating an X cruciform before being bolted to the stand. Singular objects incorporated in to this lot consist of; an anvil faintly impressed ‘Hay Budden + 75’, unmarked anvil floor stand, a marked Basa Hammer No.4 made by Tweed & Co. (NYC), a ball peen hammer stamped “Fairmount’, unmarked Blacksmith Sledge Hammer, three marked and unmarked blacksmithing tongs in various lengths and assorted links of heavy duty chain.

Designed 1900's

Made by Blacksmith, 1900's

Origin: USA

Materials: Metal

Colors: Black

Dimensions: 18"W 15"D 40"H

$11,500 $9,200

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